Sunday, October 7, 2007

Burger BS

So I had had my Sunday brunch at a burger bar. It's fairly well known chain. A golden letter as logotype and a clown as mascot.

On the tray-zine they claim the following with pride: "30% of our staff, including managers, have foregin origins. 95 countries are represented. This makes our service better"

Well, on the surface this looks pretty good, doesn't it. The good corporate citizen offering a diverse workplace.

But it's corporate BS!

Working for a hamburger bar isn't a qualified job. I refuse to admit, belive and accept that people not born in my country can't do better than flipping burgers.

And saying that service is dependent on your background??? Dangerous ground.

The truth is that this is an under-paid and unqualified job and the only option available for many people. Even if the burger chain in question claims it's a career item on your resume. Duh!

I would be impressed if, say, a doctor's practice made the same claim.

Admittedly, as a VP I frequently use stats to reinforce my point as you will see further down the road. But I'm trying not to leave glaringly gaping holes in my logic.

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