Monday, October 8, 2007

Winning argument?

So, I've spent yet another day at a major industry event. Millions of [insert currency] spent on grand booth designs and ugly ties.
The prime argument for being here is to meet intimately with customers.

Hmmm, To examine the investment I did some math.

70% of the delegates are competing with my company.

50% of the exhibitors have almost exactly the same slogans as the other 50%.

100% of the companies are meeting with 100% of the customers.

0% of the presentations contain any surprises.

Yet, I signed off on our participation, knowing this beforehand.

The argument used? "Everybody is going there! We'll look like loosers if we don't do it".

To be exact, it was my argument. Told you, I'm av VP.

I'm not sure how compelling that was.

It kind of reminds me about when I, as a kid, asked my mother about going somewhere knowing she would say no. My argument was: "but mom, everyone's going!"

I was a bit surprised when it turned out only I got permission to go.

I didn't exactly look like a winner.

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