Thursday, October 11, 2007

Matrix fix

I guess most of you have come across matrix organizations in some shape or form.

They're considered the modern way of doing things.

You like them?

No, I thought not.

One of the purposes is to make the company more agile and susceptible to change.

To me it seems more like a very complex way to avoid getting decisions made. And having more VPs of course.

To get some action you instead deploy "high performance teams" or "tiger teams" giving people titles like "captain". A bit silly perhaps, but they actually get the job done and the teams seem to enjoy the work.

Here's the twist. These teams are based on police or military principles. And the army isn't exactly matrixed, is it.

So hopefully the matrix will be be remembered as a movie only. Or maybe Uderzo should invent a square character Matrix in the Asterix comic.

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