Saturday, October 6, 2007

Weekend chores

I was promised by a VP collegue that he would "work over the weekend" on something. So I called him today about some details. No reply.

Then I remembered. He told me earlier in the week that he would be in Munich.

He's not doing his chores in Munich in October! He's downing masses of beer (pun for those who know German).

So he did a Corporate BS trick on me and I believed him. I guess nobody's perfect.

"Working over the weekend" means "I'm not going to bother until Monday".

Unless of course VP tells you to work over the weekend. Then it means you're working over the weekend.


CVLPA said...

My german isn't good enuff to catch the pun, but i wish i was in munich as well... :-)

Outsider on the inside said...

1 mass = 1 liter of beer